Free Chess 2.0.4

Test your skills and capture the king in the digital version of the strategy board game

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    Checkers & Chess

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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    6.8 (1315)
Free Chess 2.0.4
Free Chess 1.2.0

Free Chess is a simple chess game for Windows PC that lets you play the world's most popular board game on your computer. The game is relatively lightweight and runs on any computer using Windows XP and higher, so if you have an older PC that you would like to add a few simple games to, there's a high chance that it will work on it without much difficulty.

You'll likely enjoy this game if you're a recreational chess player that doesn't need the highly advanced features offered by chess programs aimed at more advanced players. The graphics are of very good quality for such a simple and free game. You can choose between a 3D view which lets you rotate the chess board up to 180 degrees as you play or a far more simple top-down 2D view. There are a few visual customization options allowing you to adjust some visual elements, such as the look of the board and chess pieces. The game also comes with a background music option that you can turn on or off depending on your preference.

The game controls are quite simple, so if you know how to play chess, you won't have any problems getting started right after installing the game. One small disadvantage of Free Chess is that it requires you to select on the piece you want to play, then click on the chessboard square where you want to take it to, instead of being able to use the mouse to drag and drop the pieces like in many other PC chess games.

You can choose to play a chess match against the computer's AI or against another player on the same PC. There's currently no online multiplayer mode that would let you play against others on the Internet, which might be a bit disappointing for those who enjoy playing chess games against human opponents from all over the world.

When playing against the computer, the game lets you choose from six difficulty settings. This feature allows you to have fun playing chess, whether you're a beginner or an expert that has been playing the game for many years. You also have the ability to save your game and come back to finish it at a later time.

To conclude, Free Chess is a simple Windows chess game that provides you with an enjoyable way to stay entertained. While it lacks advanced features commonly found in more serious chess program, those who play the game purely for fun will probably enjoy it. As the program is under 8 MB in size and doesn't require much in terms of system resources to run, it's a perfect game for older PCs.


  • Simple chess game for recreational players.
  • Lets you play against the computer or a human opponent.
  • Lightweight program that runs fine on older PCs.
  • Appearance of the game can be customized, including a choice of 2D or 3D views.
  • No online multiplayer mode.

Free Chess is a simple, light-weight and enjoyable game that can work on any Windows operating system. It does not involve a lot of setting up or configuration, and you can start playing as soon as the installation is complete. It comes with a few game and customization options, and you can choose to play against the computer or with a real person.

Playing against the computer is a challenge, but you can figure out what the computer will do after a while. Some games incorporate intelligent design features that enable the computer to come up with different moves to respond to the patterns of individual users. This game is much more basic, but it still provides enough fresh entertainment to keep things interesting for quite some time.

I consider myself an intermediate player, and this program will allow you to choose from three different levels of difficulty. Playing the computer is frustrating, but I must admit that my skills have improved as a result of being beaten by the program time and time again. I haven't tried the game with another player simply because it's easier to use a real chess board instead of software for that purpose.

You can choose from a couple of different board and piece designs, and the sound quality is pretty good. This is not a large program, and it works just fine on my laptop, as well as my desktop, at home. I haven't uninstalled it yet, so I don't know how that process unfolds. However, the game doesn't seem to be interfering with my system, and it always works when I open the program.

This is nice little freeware game that is basic but enjoyable. Expert players may be disappointed with its simplicity, but this is an ideal choice for beginners. There are some tutorials, but I think the emphasis is on game play and not instruction.


It is stable and works on slower systems.

The graphics and sounds are nice.

It is easy to use.

You can play with someone else or against the computer.


It only includes a few different styles.

You can not connect with other players online.

The algorithm seems pretty basic.

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